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    Wood vs. Vinyl Windows

    New Windows on a home that Quinn's remodeled

    Wood vs. Vinyl Windows

    If your home’s windows need to be replaced, it can often be difficult to decide what style of windows to install. Should you opt for the newest invention of the window industry, vinyl? Or would you rather enjoy the rustic beauty that traditional wooden windows provide? If you’re interested in learning more about the pros and cons of each window option, keep reading below for more information!


    If you’re looking for an option that you won’t even need to think about after it’s been installed, vinyl windows are the superior options. Vinyl windows never need to be painted or sealed, unlike wood windows which require periodic maintenance in order to keep in working condition. If you decide to install wood windows that are fitted with an aluminum-clad exterior, you won’t need to paint or seal them, but if they have a wood exterior, you will need to keep up with maintenance to prevent the windows from rotting out of their frames.


    When it comes to insulation, vinyl windows can’t hold a candle to wood windows. Due to the fact that most vinyl windows have hollow frames, they are poor insulators and tend to allow a fair amount of energy transfer. However, wooden windows are dense, which means energy doesn’t easily transfer through the frames. This makes them a fantastic insulator for your home and they will save your money on your energy bills in comparison to vinyl windows.


    When it comes to installing an economical window option, vinyl windows will always be the less expensive option. Due to the fact that they are manufactured by a wide array of companies, they are cheap and accessible. Wooden windows, on the other hand, are falling by the wayside and continue losing popularity. They are still the second most popular window material by far, but the fact that less consumers are looking for wooden windows, in combination with the extra labor that goes into their construction, has raised the prices and made vinyl windows the more attractive option from a cost standpoint.


    Finally, the main reason that homeowners decide to install wood windows rather than vinyl is that they love the look of wooden windows. Even if you elect to avoid wooden exteriors, having a beautiful wooden interior on your window will improve the resale and aesthetics of your home. While vinyl windows are available in an endless array of colors, they’ll never be able to compete with the natural beauty of a wooden window.

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