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    Where to Look for Water Leaking into Your Home

    Where to Look for Water Leaking into Your Home

    When your roof is old or has sustained weather damage, there are common areas that tend to be culprits for leaking water. Keep an eye out for problems and take preventive measures to fix them before serious structural damage, or mold and mildew occurs.

    Here are some reasons water damage may occur in your home:

    Leaks at joints. Joints between the roof and the chimney or between two sloped sections of a roof are highly susceptible to leaking. Leaking will occur due to poor installation or defective sheet metal. According to the University of North Dakota, this sheet metal, also called flashing, needs to be replaced or reattached to stop the leak.

    Broken or cracked shingles. Water can seep through the roof and into your home if your roof has cracked or broken shingles. Shingles usually deteriorate on the southern face of the roof first, because of exposure to sun, so inspect that side first. If you notice problems with more than a few shingles, it might be time reshingle the whole roof.

    Weather damage. Shingles can be pulled off or damaged as a result of the elements. If possible, evaluate your roof after a major wind or hail storm and take note of any damage. Hire a roofing specialist to make needed repairs.

    Ice.  If you live in a cold climate, the formation of ice on your home could potentially lead to leaks as a result of ice dams. An ice dam forms when the edge of your roof is colder than the middle of your roof, causing water to refreeze instead of dripping into the gutters. To prevent ice dams, keep your home well insulated. If you do not replace insulation, install additional layers of protection between your roof and home to prevent leakage.

    Remember – use a well-qualified roofer who has received good reviews from homeowners like yourself.  If your roof starts to leak, give Quinn’s Construction a call (978) 957-1200 and we will find and resolve the problem!

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