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    What Should You Expect on a Contract

    What Should You Expect on a Contract

    Before making a significant investment for home improvement, you want to make sure you hire the right contractor to get the job done right. Both parties will protect their interests by signing a home improvement contract. But what should you be looking out for? There are so many different types of contract out there, how do you know what you are signing, is the right one? Here, Quinn’s Construction breaks down each section on what should be printed on the contract.

    Overview of Work to be Done.

    This is the scope of what the contract needs to cover, which means the description of the job should be broad and not vague as anything not covered by the agreement may incur an extra charge.

    Time Period.

    Understanding when the project should start and finish is critical. You may want to discuss and add exceptions for contingencies such as severe weather and a penalty for late completion.


    To be more specific, include product ID numbers and brands to ensure no 3rd party product/brand is being used.

    Required Permits.

    The contractor must secure such permits and licenses before starting any job. Make sure they have the correct documents as it is essential for the contractor to be registered in your town or state.

    Use of Premises During Construction.

    Construction can get messy, make sure the contract outlines where equipment and materials will be stored during workdays and where trash, dirt will be deposited.

    Materials & Equipment.

    No matter how careful or experienced the contractors may be, accidents do happen. Whether it is the fault of the homeowners or contractors, paying for any damage should be listed on the contract.

    Guarantees and Warranties.

    What guarantees does the contractor make regarding the integrity of the job? Also, this section should state that all materials have been purchased new and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.

    Payment Terms.

    It is common to see the payment terms to be flexible with your contractor. However, it is up to the contractor to write down precisely what needs to be paid up-front and how it should be paid.

    A contract can sometimes be overwhelming to look at. At Quinn’s Construction, we have dealt with hundreds of contracts for residential and commercial clients and not had any issue for 40 years. We understand any possible concerns you may have and we are experienced enough to find a solution. For more information about our services, call us at 978 957-1200 for a free consultation.

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