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    What are some key danger signals of a faulty roof?

    What are some key danger signals of a faulty roof?

    The dangers of a faulty roof can be many and varied. Just because your roof isn’t leaking doesn’t mean that you don’t have a roofing problem.
    Here are some key signs to look out for, and if you experience any one of them, give Quinn’s Construction a call:  978-957-1200
    • Leakage in the Attic
      Water in your attic after a hard-driving rain is one sign. It can be from inadequate or missing roof deck protection or deteriorated metal flashing.
    •  Ice Buildup
      Water in your attic after ice buildup could be caused by inadequate shingle underlayment or a missing leak barrier, inadequate ventilation or insulation. Quinn’s Construction has dealt with different ice dam problems for many years and we are experts in dealing with these types of repairs.
    • Blistering or Peeling of Outside Paint
      You may assume sun or humidity is causing the blistering or peeling of paint, but poor attic ventilation may trap excessive moisture and humidity in attic walls causing the problem.
    • Stains on Interior Ceilings & Walls
      These may be caused by a shingle problem or lack of roof deck protection, while mold and mildew may be a sign of inadequate attic ventilation.
    • Shingles, Sheathing or Siding Deterioration
      Can be a sign of poor attic ventilation
    • Cracking or Curling of Shingles
      Cracking or curling can be a sign that shingles have lived a useful and a pretty good sign that your roof needs to be replaced. However, one missing shingle may just need replacement.
    • Dirty Looking Areas and Growth
      Dark, dirty looking areas can be caused by environmental pollutants, vegetation, fungus or algae growth. Loss of granules due to age of shingles means that most likely your roof needs to be replaced. Quinn’s Construction can take care of this problem and we will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
    • High Energy Costs
      Excessive utility bills can sometimes be caused by a poorly designed roofing system or one that wasn’t installed properly. They can also be a result of poor attic ventilation.
    Faulty roofs cause a multitude of problems. Those mentioned above are just a few. Good advice is to seek professional guidance. With forty years in the business, I am an expert in tracking down roof problems and, as always, provide a free estimate.
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