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    Tips On Hiring Roofing Contractors

    Tips On Hiring Roofing Contractors

    The roof is one of the most important areas of the house that needs to be taken care of all year round. Knowing the right roof contractor to hire for your home can be challenging, you want to make sure that they get the job done right the first time. We have come up with some helpful tips to assist you in how to choose the right contractor and getting the best service for your money.

    1. Insurance. Make sure to check your contractor has the correct worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Call the insurance carrier to confirm that they are valid
    2. Choose a local contractor. Make sure the contractor has experience in working on houses where you’re located. Research how well they have developed their reputation in the community and dig deep to see what their clients have been saying about their service in their review sites.
    3. Price is not everything. We understand roofing can be expensive, however, looking for cheap deals can effectively cause more headache in the long run than you first anticipated. We have dealt with a lot of unhappy homeowners who experienced poor service, and it’s no surprise why. When we investigate, we see a lot of bad jobs that have been working on their roofing and it is unsettling to see homeowners unaware of this, that’s why the next step is important.
    4. Get job details in writing. It is important to see what the contractors have been working on, especially when you are paying for the service. You want to be in control of your home, make sure you are satisfied with the result. Make sure payment agreement is fully understood by both parties, this should be discussed prior to the job. Once, you have everything in writing, you will have a clear understanding from start to complete the project.
    5. Communication is key to every business. You want to ensure that the contractors have answered any of your questions or uncertainties. If you find yourself chasing after questions that have not been answered then what will happen when you let them work on your roofing?

    Installing a new roof for your house is an investment, once you pay for a service you want to make sure you’re getting the most of it and not needing to think about it for at least 20 years. At Quinn’s Construction, we have built a long-term relationship with our clients and maintain our reputation in every town we have worked on. We make sure we understand what you need to be done by filling out our questionnaire, this will give us an insight on what uncertainties and service you previously had. This is our number one priority before we investigate your roofing. If you are looking to get your roofing fixed or installed. Contact us for a free estimate at (978) 957-1200.



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