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    Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

    Signs you need replace your siding

    Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

    Home siding is usually overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. But perhaps it should be taken more serious? After all, siding will eventually wear out and when it does start to break, crack, or it even leaks it may already be too late to replace which can cost more than you first anticipated. So how do you if your siding needs replacing? Here are signs of what to look out for.

    Dry Rot.

    Also known as brown rot, a condition that can affect any wood caused by a fungus that is spread across the wood which can ruin any wooden structures inside or outside your home. Siding suffering from decay should immediately be replaced.

    Constantly repainting your home.

    Typically, paint can last up to 8-10 years, but if you see yourself repainting your home siding every five or six years can indicate that your siding is starting to wear and tear. Another helpful sign is seeing any chipping, peeling, or cracking is clear signs your siding needs replacement.

    Increased cooling and heating bills.

    Exterior siding is a very important issue you need to inspect if you see your bills skyrocketed compared to last year. Poor wall insulation along with underperforming siding will allow air to escape your home which needs to take care of right away.

    Holes in the siding.

    Even the smallest holes can potentially be a big problem as insect’s creep in and add more damages to the siding, which allows moisture to get in.

    Mildew, Fungus, Mold.

    If you notice any mold, fungus, or mold on your siding, do not panic. If it is an early stage of development, this can taken care of with pressure washer or spray bottle. However, if neglected can lead to an expensive siding replacement down the road as mold and mildew can form on the exterior siding and interior of your walls.

    If you suspect anything unsual on your siding, get in touch with Quinn’s Construction to inspect and evaluate the problem and provide the best solution to your home siding worries. Call today for a free consultation at (978) 957-1200

    Andy Maus
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