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    Roofing Warranties

    Roofing Warranty

    Roofing Warranties

    When homeowners come across roofing warranty, they are often confused the meaning of this. Mentioning “30-year warranty” does not necessarily mean that a roofing contractor will come over to your house and fix things, at no charge for the next three decades. There are a lot more to consider and we’ve written the types of roofing warranties you need to look out for.

    The most common kind of roof warranty is a shingle warranty or manufacturer’s warranty, which may cover you for 20 to 50 years. However, depending the quality of the roof system that you are purchasing only certain manufacturer’s warranty will be able to cover the materials.  Although having a manufacturer warranty is valuable, you are limited t the amount of coverage therefore it is advisable to hire a highly rated roof contractor.

    Some shingle manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their best products. It’s a powerful marketing message because it implies that the purchase will never have to worry about the roof from failing. But even while some roofers are extending their workmanship warranties to five years, 10 years, or 20 years, few would offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

    A roofer who installs your new roof may offer an installation warranty or workmanship warranty. This covers the contractor’s work that goes into putting a new roof on or other labor associated with your roofing project. The National Roofing Contractor Association reports that 70% of all roofing contractors are out of business in 2 years with 90% of them failing in 7 years! Which is an alarming statistic! A homeowner who is looking to replace your roof should always be prepared to ask questions to get the full detail of the contractor, materials and their experience! Don’t take risks if you are uncertain.

    At Quinn’s Construction, we offer high-quality services only, we have dealt with a lot of happy homeowners throughout the years. Our 10-year warranty is hardly ever used as we make sure the installation is fitted perfectly and properly when doing our job. We have experienced many occasions of unhappy homeowner’s due to lack of knowledge and consideration to their jobs. It’s why we are the leading contractor in Dracut, Ma. If you are looking to get yours done, contact us today for a free estimate!

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