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    Roofing Replacement Westford, MA

    Roofing Replacement Westford, MA

    Click on any photo to see a larger version of a roof replacement we completed in Westford, MA.

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    Snapshot: Roof Replacement Westford, MA – Roof (Shingle / Metal)

    This roof was designed by Quinn’s Construction to address a serious ice dam problem that caused thousands of dollars in damage to the interior of this home. We combined Drexel standing double lock seams on the bottom section of roof in dark bronze and GAF Lifetime Timberline HD Mission brown shingles on the top section of the roof.

    This combination and the way it was united will protect this home from any more water back-up problems. The original problems were caused by a design flaw in the construction of the home that did not allow the roof to be properly insulated and ventilated. The cathedral ceilings and huge overhangs left no way to provide any adequate ventilation and insulation.

    This was a cost-effective way to prevent any more problems with ice dams. The unique combination added to the beauty of the home, and gave it a unique outstanding appeal.  The Westford, MA homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

    Andy Maus
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