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    Roofing Replacement in Lynnfield, MA

    Roofing Replacement in Lynnfield, MA

    Click on any photo to see a larger version of a roof replacement we completed in Lynnfield, MA.

    Give us a call if you have questions about any roof repair or replacement in Lynnfield, MA or the Massachusetts town you reside in.  Call  617-939-1353 or 978-957-1200 for a free estimate.

    Snapshot:  Roof Replacement Lynnfield, Massachusetts –Owens Corning Duration Lifetime Shingle Roof

    This roof replacement is an Owens Corning Duration Lifetime Shingle Roof (Onyx Black) using 6 nails per shingle (exceeding manufacturer’s specifications).

    For this roof replacement Quinn’s:

    • Properly protected the property.
    • Properly removed and disposed of all layers of roofing
    • Ran Magnets at end of day
    • Replaced plywood over front of garage and along edge of roof
    • Installed custom Heavy Duty F8 color of choice single and double drip edge
    • Installed Owens Corning Weather Lock Flex High Temperature Ice and Water barrier 3, 6, 9 feet wide and as was needed in critical areas of roof and complete per roof plan.
    • Installed Owens corning Deck Defense for shingle underlayment
    • Installed vent pipe boots, step, base and counter flashing as needed.
    • Installed Owens Corning Energy Star Duration Shingles
    • Installed Owens Corning Ventsure strip ridge vent with baffles and caps on ridges and hip vent
    • Installed 12 inch lead flashings on the chimneys.
    • Installed continuous/circular, rectangle, GAF Cobra Fascia, Vent for Eave Ventilation as needed.
    • Installed Owens Corning strip inflow vent
    • Installed new PVC fascia board
    • Installed two roof top bath fan vents (eliminated two old roof vents).
    • Removed wood shingles on two side walls. (Owner to re-shingled side walls.)
    • Ran ice & water barrier up wall and used 8×10 step flashings per roof plan.
    • Installed 2 sections of 6 inch seamless gutters with 3×4 downspouts
    • Installed GAF Cobra Fascia Vent on garage

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