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    roof job in Medford

    New Asphalt roof installed at a Medford, Ma home

    Quinn’s construction had just completed a job in Medford, Massachusetts and the homeowner was very pleased with the outcome. The roof before had multiple cracks that leak when it rained. With further examination of the damage, it looked like the cracks were expanded due to the freeze in moisture. Numerous amounts of shingles were either broken or missing, also many of the others were worn out due to the years of inclement weather and heat. Quinn came to the rescue by swapping out the old shingle and replacing them with new chestnut brown ones to complement the look of the house. We fixed the problem and made it aesthetically appealing increasing its curb value as well as the return on investment. Quinn was able to finish the job in a fast and orderly manner without bothering the homeowner.  

    Benefits of choosing asphalt

    • Comparatively inexpensive
    • Variety of color
    • Visually appealing
    • Water resistant
    • Durable
    • Class A fire rating

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    Andy Maus
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