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    Roof Stains – What can I do to clean and prevent them?

    Roof Stain

    Roof Stains – What can I do to clean and prevent them?

    I had an e-mail recently from a homeowner who said:  “Hey Tom–My roof looks bad.  There are stains all over the shingles.  I think it is fungus or moss.  Is there any way to clean this up and make it look like new?  Yes, there’s a product called Shingle Shield – Roof & Deck Cleaner.  It’s good for cedar and asphalt roofs, decks, fencing, and gazebos. It’s the safest way to clean and restore natural color to pine, cedar, redwood and cypress.  I’ve used it on many homeowners’ roofs.  In just minutes after applying Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner, you’ll see years of dirt build-up and stains from pollen, algae and mildew disappear.  One gallon cleans 2,000 square feet.  It does not contain chlorine or bleach.

    You might want to know, how can I prevent this staining from happening in the first place?  There is a product called Shingle Shield, which is a zinc oxide strip which interrupts the flow of rain and naturally time releases fungistatic compounds of zinc oxide which travel evenly down the roof slope.  These compounds are absorbed by the roof surface and inhibit the growth of moss, fungus, and algae.  This natural process is of low toxicity.  Zinc oxide compounds wash and protect the roof, with no visible sign of this action.  Quinn’s Construction can install Shingle Shield zinc strips on new or existing roofs.  Roofs must be cleaned first with Shingle Shield Roof & Deck Cleaner to remove any existing algae, fungus, and/or moss prior to installation of Shingle Shield zinc strips.  They will last the life of the roof, and may be reused, and will not rust.

    Read about the excellent products I’ve mentioned above at, and give Quinn’s Construction a call today at 978-957-1200 to get your roof to look like new again and keep it that way!

    Andy Maus
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