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    Roof Insulation

    Why Insulate?

    If your home feels drafty during the winter months and humid & warm in the summer months, the chances are that your home isn’t insulated correctly. Insulation makes your home more comfortable; it acts like a blanket wrapped around your home. It helps create a barrier to reduce the amount of air that is allowed to flow in and out of your home. Proper insulation can do so much to help regulate and stabilize the temperature in your living space.

    Protect Your Investment

    When your roof isn’t properly insulated, it can lead to ice dams forming on your roof. Ice dams form when heat from your home escapes to your roof, where it melts snow and ice near the apex of your roof, where it then runs down and refreezes near your gutters. The dams prevent water from draining from your roof, backing up onto your roof’s shingles, and eventually into your attic.

    Your energy bills can actually be lowered with proper insulation. As we mentioned, poor insulation can allow warm air to escape your home during winter months, leading to cranking up the heat, and the same happens with air conditioning in the summer. Heating and cooling systems won’t have to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

    Good insulation is good for the environment. Reducing the amount of energy that you use makes insulation eco-conscious. Lowering the amount of gas and electricity we use is good for everyone.

    Types of Insulation

    Ready to start saving money on your utilities and make your home feel more comfortable?

    Why does Quinn’s Construction use Owen’s Corning for all of our insulation projects?

    We researched dozens of options to find the best insulation products available for our customers. In our search, we found Owens Corning PROPINK® L77 insulation. We love this product because of its performance and sustainability; it’s the only insulation product that we trust for our customers.

    Fiberglass Insulation – The Smart Choice

    Fiberglass Insulation in an artificially made material comprised of tiny pieces of recycled glass. It’s the most common type of residential insulation that you’ll encounter and also the most cost-efficient. It’s an affordable insulator that’s also fire and water resistance. It doesn’t lose it’s R-value over time because it’s so sustainable; it also carries the added benefit of soundproofing qualities. It’s the most used type of insulation in the country because of it’s many benefits. It’s an easier and cleaner installation than other styles of insulation, so it’s safe and out of your way.

    Fiberglass is much safer than spray foam because it isn’t treated full of chemicals and has been proven safe for generations, and it packs much more densely than cellulose insulation, so it can offer a much higher R-value. If you’re looking for a tried and true insulation material for your roof and attic, fiberglass is your best option, that’s why it’s the most used material in the country, and it’s not close.


    Pros of Fiberglass Insulation: 

    • More energy efficient than cellulose
    • Moisture and mold reistant without the harsh chemicals contained in spray foam
    • Safe to install and doesn’t settle like cellulose
    • Naturally fire resistant

    Spray Foam

    Cons of Spray Foam: 

    • Chemical issues
    • Can sometimes shrink
    • More expensive
    • Loses R-Value over time
    • Complicated to install correctly
    • Can cause fires during installation
    • Make remodeling and electrical jobs very difficult


    Cons of Cellulose:

    • R value is lower
    • Doesn’t pack as well as Fiberglass
    • Treated with chemicals
    • Cellulose settles and leaves unprotected pockets
    • Prone to soaking up moisture
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