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    Owen’s Corning Fiberglass Insulation


    Owens Corning has been a trusted name in home building products for decades. Their insulation products are no exception; they’re one of the innovators of fiberglass insulation, producing it for the last 75 years. ProPink® L77 is an outstandingly quiet compared to other types of insulation and provides you with thermal protection that can’t be matched because it’s denser than the other fiberglass insulation brands on the market. It’s noise reduction qualities reduce noise pollution by up to 45%. 

    ProPink’s mold, moisture and pests resistances help keep your home 

    If sustainability is important to you, ProPink L77 is a great option, it’s made of recycled content and is environmentally responsible. Plus, you’ll save a lot of energy, and that means money saved on energy costs. 


    Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation


    Fiberglass insulation has been used for so long because it’s an excellent insulating material, that doesn’t have the same weaknesses as cellulose and spray foam. Propink L77 Insulation isn’t prone to the same moisture and mold issues that can happen with some fiberglass insulation brands thanks to it’s Owen’s Corning technology.


    • Affordable and long-lasting
    • Sized to fit most typical beam structures
    • Moisture, mold, and fungus resistant 
    • Safe installation without dangerous chemicals that are in spray foam
    • Able to blown into walls at a high-density, reducing airflow and having a greater R-value than Cellulose options

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