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    Protect your roof this fall with these maintenance tips

    Protect your roofs with these maintenance tips

    Protect your roof this fall with these maintenance tips

    Can you believe it’s already Fall? If you haven’t already had your home ready for the Fall and Winter, now is the time to get started. At Quinn’s Construction, we have prepared you a checklist on what to look out for.

    Trim your trees. If you find yourself living in an area fall of trees, you should understand the pain of those hanging tree branches over your house during Fall. It’s time to trim those branches to prevent roof damage that occurs when windbreaks limbs or when ice or snow-covered limbs break and hit your roof. As this is a dangerous job, we recommend you hire a professional to perform these tasks. It will save you a lot of hassle when Winter arrives.

    Keep your gutters clean. During the Fall, leaves and debris build up in your gutter system and will eventually cause a blog in your downspouts. When this happens, rain will overflow your gutters which will cause damages to your roof, trim and siding. Do a thorough cleaning to ensure there is water flow consistently. Consider investing in gutter screens or guards to protect your gutters from leaves.

    Inspect your attic. With the weather nice and cool, take advantage to inspect your attic especially on a rainy day for any leaks, mold, mildew, warped wood, or stained insulation. It is critical to contact your local roofing contractor to take care of the problem before the weather gets worse.

    Limit traffic on your roof. If you’re someone who enjoys putting up decorations and lights for holiday season, it’s important to be extra careful when climbing around the roof as you can potentially damage shingles or cause flashing to crack under the pressure, so be cautious.

    If you noticed a problem on your roof, then consider hiring Quinn’s Construction to take a look and share our expertise.

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