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    Pros and Cons of installing Engineered Wood Siding to your home

    Pros and Cons of installing Engineered Wood Siding to your home

    Engineered wood siding is a popular option for homeowners when looking for an aesthetic home exterior appearance. Engineered wood siding is market as a lower-cost and easy-to-install alternative to the solid wood siding. If you are looking to have engineered wood siding installed to your home, consider reading these the pros and cons of choosing this particular wood siding.


    One of the biggest pros of installing engineered wood siding to your home is that it is incredibly inexpensive. They are a lot cheaper than hardwood, and even cheaper than UPVC. What makes the engineered wood siding different to its competitors are the perfect and smooth appearance, which is really useful when it is made from recycled wood or waste offcuts that would have been considered useless.

    If buying green is important to you, then these engineered products are considered environmentally friendly as they help to prevent widespread clearing of trees for building purposes. Both fiber cement and engineered wood use wood wisely and have little negative impact on our forests.


    Traditional wood sidings have a charming, natural, and authentic look to them. With Engineered wood siding it’s either smooth and perfect or, an overlay which appears to make the wood look indifferent to what it’s supposed to look.

    Both wood sidings are durable, engineered wood siding has an advantage having byproducts added to it which helps protects any rotting and infestation. However, it is more vulnerable towards the environment wear and tear. Traditional wood can resist the weather but attracts pests.

    At Quinn’s Construction, we highly recommend anyone who is considering any wood type siding to research thoroughly as investing in home exterior can be expensive, so if you are looking for more information about our services, feel free to get in touch and contact us at (978) 957-1200

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