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    Preparing A Commercial Flat Roof for Winter in Greater Boston

    Preparing A Commercial Flat Roof for Winter in Greater Boston

    Living in an area of occasionally harsh winters makes the integrity of a roof critical. A flat roof is even more prone to problems because of the decreased ability to move moisture off. Before a minor roofing issue becomes a full-blown problem it is best to prepare now for the worst that a New England winter can bring . Following the these steps will better enable your flat roof to survive another winter season, hopefully not a repeat of 2014-15.

    1. Check for cracks, loose materials, decayed flashing and problems with gutters.
    2. Check to make sure that the roof is properly vented. ice dams form when snow sits of the roof for an extended period.
    3. Check chimneys for mortar breaking and cracks in flashing
    4. Look for sagging or signs of moisture from inside the building or crawl space.
    5. If you roof is over 20 years old, it is prone to more weak spots and problems

    Now is an excellent time to check the fitness of your commercial flat roof. Please give us a call #978-706-6000 if you have any concerns about your roof and its’ ability to hold up over the course of another harsh New England winter.

    Andy Maus
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