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    James Hardie Siding, Gutters & Roof Leveling in Westford, MA

    Roofing, Siding, Gutters job in Westford Ma

    James Hardie Siding, Gutters & Roof Leveling in Westford, MA

    Project Summary

    What work was being done? James Harding siding trim, gutters installation, roof leveling, and porch renovation with PVC railings.

    What were you looking for in Building Materials?  The homeowner was looking for siding that is affordable, customizable, and durable. We chose James Hardie because we felt it matches all of our requirements for our home exterior.

    What did you choose Quinns Construction?  The homeowner previously had bad experiences with past contractors with multiple projects we had done to our house exterior. Fortunately, Tom Quinn was capable of handling all of the issues without seeking for a subcontractor. With the experience and case studies they have worked on in our town, it was a no brainer to select Quinn’s Construction!

    Do you have questions about any roofing, siding or any other home exterior project you may be contemplating in Westford, MA? Call 968-957-100 for a free estimate.

    What was the procedure like?  The homeowner scheduled a meeting with Tom Quinn over the weekend for a free estimate. When Tom arrived, he walked around our house and inspected the condition of the home exterior. Once he finished, we went inside to discuss further details on what can be installed, renovated, and fixed. Not only were we delighted with Quinn’s Constructions work but to find a general contractor who was able to handle all of our problems without dealing with multiple contractors. If you’re looking for all in one contractor, look no further and contractor, Tom Quinn!

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