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    Installing A Commercial Roof In Cold Weather?

    Installing A Commercial Roof In Cold Weather?

    Some customers ask us about installing a new shingle roof when the temperatures are extremely cold (minus 32 freezing). This is especially important for those who are experiencing roofing failures and do not have a choice in the matter. This mild Winter so far has presented opportunities for installation depending upon weather conditions.

    There are no specific industry guidelines for temperature and roof installation for asphalt shingles, however, various manufacturers have recommendations. Generally you want temperatures to be 40F and above. Shingles will not seal properly unless a temperature of 65F or above on roof is achieved. Shingles will also be brittle because of the cold and this may compromise proper trimming and nailing. Storage beforehand in a heated environment can solve this issue.We do repairs year round depending upon materials, but try to hold off for warmer weather. Unlike residential roofing, commercial roofing in Massachusetts requires more in depth planning and therefore time to execute a proper repair or new installation.

    Andy Maus
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