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    How Weather Affects Your Roof

    Rainy Roof

    How Weather Affects Your Roof

    Your home’s roof is easily the most important piece of your home’s exterior. It provides a number of important benefits for your home, including of course keeping your home safe from inclement weather, but it also helps to improve your home’s value & curb appeal, and it’s insulation as well. With so much to gain from having well-maintained and installed roofing, it is essential to keep the system well-maintained. However, your roof also takes a beating from the elements, and over time it can wear the system down. If you’re interested in learning more about how various weather conditions impact your roof, keep reading below!


    One of the first weather conditions that comes to mind when people think about roof damage is wind. Particularly in a state known for its wind like Massachusett’s, it can cause significant amounts of damage if your roof isn’t properly installed. All roofing systems are now installed with starter shingles fitted with extra adhesive, but there are still shingles options that are more wind-resistant than budget shingles. Protect your home from high winds be ensuring that your roof is well-installed and maintained, and then when there is a major storm brewing in your area, you make sure to inspect the roof after it has passed to ensure no shingles were blown off the roof.


    Another destructive condition for Massachusett’s homeowners can be snow. However, the way it causes damages may not be what you’re thinking. While it is possible that enough snow builds up on your roof to cause it to buckle, that is very unlikely in all but the heaviest years of snowfall. The real danger is ice dams.

    Formed when snow melts off of your roof and refreezes in the gutters, ice dams can eventually cause liquid water to be held on your shingles, where it will seep into the system and cause rot in your roof deck. If you’re trying to keep your home protected in the winter, be sure to address any large ice dams that form!


    Finally, we have arrived at what most homeowners and contractors would consider to be the most destructive condition; rain. It is no surprise that rain causes a significant amount of roofing damage each year. One small leak in your roof can quickly become thousands of dollars in repairs, so it is important to have your roof regularly inspected for leaks.

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