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    How Skylights Can Improve The Health of Your Home

    Benefit of skylights

    How Skylights Can Improve The Health of Your Home

     Natural light is a great way to not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but to improve your personal health as well. However, sometimes typical glass windows can affect your privacy while you are in your home. Below are several facts about sunlight and your health, as well as how skylights will better illuminate your home and provide a great aesthetic at the same time.

    Benefits of Natural Sunlight

    1. Studies have shown that higher levels of Vitamin D put you at a lesser risk of developing the flu
    2. Also called “the sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D provides many overall health benefits such as improving brain function, protecting against inflammation and much more
    3. Exposure to sunlight greatly reduces the risk of mental illness including sleep disorders, as well as depression

    Skylight and Residential Homes

     One of the bigger issues regarding typical glass windows is that while sunlight is still able to enter your home, your privacy is negatively impacted. This is where skylights come into play. Not only do skylights often allow for a higher percentage of sunlight to enter and light up your home, but they also provide you and your family with peace of mind as your privacy remains completely intact.

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