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    Discover the Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

    Discover the Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

    With an increased interest in saving money, limiting their impact
    on the natural environment, and creating homes that are just as eye-catching as
    they are energy efficient, more homeowners are choosing fiber cement siding
    over wood, vinyl, aluminum, and other options. Whether you’re building a new
    home from the ground up, improving existing construction, or totally revamping
    the style of your investment property, fiber cement siding is a top choice
    among homeowners, contractors, and builders alike. Easy to access and offered
    in a diverse range of colors and styles, this material effectively emulates the
    look of wood, and provides an impressive range of both functional and aesthetic
    benefits. At Quinn’s Construction, we’re excited to share some of the many outstanding
    attributes that this popular siding choice boasts.

    Fiber Cement Siding Can Last for Up to Five Decades

    Fiber cement siding has the longest average lifespan among nearly
    all siding types. Comprised of wood fiber, cement composite, and various additives,
    it’s both durable and sustainable in all climates. It can withstand the ravages
    of the natural elements, hold up to time-related wear better than other
    materials, and avoid serious problems with insects and other pest infestations.
    Although fiber cement siding might cost a bit more than aluminum or vinyl
    siding, you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth over time. The average
    fiber cement siding installation can last up to five decades or longer.

    Create the Exact Look You Want With Flexible Options in

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    Cutting-edge manufacturing techniques have allowed for truly
    striking aesthetics in the general makeup of fiber cement. Homeowners can
    choose from various textures, colors, and siding styles including siding with a
    distinctive wood grain or stucco appearance. Best of all, these and other
    options are available at a very reasonable cost.

    In addition to having an exciting selection of siding styles and colors to
    choose from, homeowners can also enjoy far more flexible options in installation.
    These panels are available in different shapes and installation types. From
    shingles and shakes to lap siding and panels, there are countless ways to bring
    specific design ideas to life. Homeowners can opt for board and batten
    installation for their entire properties, or they can mix and match styles to
    create their own unique looks. They can even add fiber cement trim and soffit
    to give their homes a polished and well-planned appearance all-around. With the
    outstanding products from the James Hardie siding brand, you can also add
    tremendous value to your home.

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    Get the Look and Feel of Wood Without Actually Using It

    If one of your primary goals is limiting your environmental
    impact, you can definitely get the look of wood with fiber cement siding, and
    without sacrificing any trees. James Hardie fiber cement siding is far better
    at mimicking natural wood than other materials. This is especially true when it
    comes to vinyl and aluminum. There’s simply no way to achieve truly
    realistic-looking wood grain with these products. Even from a distance,
    aluminum and vinyl fail to convince. Conversely, fiber cement both successfully
    emulates wood’s appearance up close, and offers a fairly comparable feel.

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    Siding That’s Heat-Resistant

    Pushing an outdoor grill or smoker too close to your home can
    leave you with irreparable siding and building damage if you choose vinyl.
    Fiber cement siding, however, is both heat- and fire-resistant. This is but one
    of many functional benefits that makes it the most practical choice for busy,
    active households, and homes in regions that are fire-prone. Rated for one full
    hour of fire resistance, this material will not catch fire under direct heat or
    flames. This is far preferable to surrounding your house with materials that
    will instantly convert to fuel as soon as sufficiently high temperatures are

    No Worries About Warping or Rotting

    Even though fiber cement siding has a very convincing wood-like look and feel,
    it doesn’t respond to moisture and other outdoor elements like wood does. After
    decades of exposure to wind, rain, sleet, hail and snow, and after weathering
    countless hot, sunny days, this siding will still have a fresh appearance.
    Problems with warping and rotting aren’t things that you’ll have to worry about
    as the years go by. You’ll also effectively sidestep all of the maintenance
    that real wood siding entails. You won’t have to treat or stain your siding to
    preserve its integrity or protect its aesthetics. Moreover, if you’ve got
    neighbors who are struggling with termites, you won’t see any of these
    destructive insects congregating on your home.

    Fiber Cement Siding Is Perfect for Areas That Are Hurricane and Tornado Prone

    Given its incredibly durable construct, fiber cement siding is able to weather hailstorms in a way that other siding types cannot. Where vinyl and aluminum siding might be subject to dents, dings, and other blemishes caused by hail, fiber cement siding from James Hardie will have its same attractive appearance and level of integrity after being battered for hours. Fiber cement siding is also significantly more resilient when subjected to high levels of humidity and temperature extremes. This makes it the perfect choice for properties in hurricane and tornado prone areas. Wind-blown debris will not break down or destroy fiber cement surfaces, nor leave them looking any worse for the wear. With excellent dimensional stability and superior impact resistance, it’s the preferred option in nearly every region that routinely experiences extreme weather events.

    Find Out If Fiber Cement Siding Is Right for Your Home

    Fiber cement siding is superior to other siding choices in many ways. It lasts
    longer, holds up better in inclement weather, and won’t fail you when exposed
    to flames or high heats. When you choose fiber cement siding, you have the
    ability to create the building exterior of your dreams. Flexible and available
    in a diverse range of colors, sizes, and styles, this siding can be used to
    create unique-looking properties and long-lasting curbside appeal. Get in touch
    with Quinn’s Construction today to find out if fiber cement siding is the right
    choice for your home.


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