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    Common Commercial Roofing Problems

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    Common Commercial Roofing Problems

    A commercial roofing job is a big undertaking. With any sort of commercial building, there are a few factors at play. For starters, the standards and codes that must be met in order for a place of business to operate cannot be taken lightly. Even the smallest error in standards can keep a business from operating. A great roofing team needs to be aware of the issues that might present themselves and be ready to address any problems that come up. Any great team is going to know common commercial roofing problems before they start a new project, but you should too! Here are just a few of the things to keep in mind as you begin to consider commercial roofing work! 

    The Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

    What often causes the most difficult commercial roofing issues? Some of them start before work is started, and others after. Keep them in mind ahead of a big project!

    Poor Installation

    Nothing can deter a commercial roof from the quality needed for operation than poor installation. In short, the team putting together a roof, whether it’s a repair or a full roof replacement, needs to be experienced and prepared for anything. Nothing is worse than finding out shortly after a job is done that your roof needs additional work because of the previous installation. It’s frustrating, so avoid it altogether when you can by hiring a team that knows what it’s doing. 

    Improper Materials

    Not all roofs are created equal. Depending on what part of the country you live in, as well as what part of each state, the roof you have above your head needs to be a certain material to thrive. Homes in the South are going to look different than homes in the East, and a good team knows which materials will work best depending on your geographical location as well as the local climate. Improper materials can lead to deeper problems than you even began with in the first place. 

    Avoided Check-Ups

    If you haven’t had someone look at your roof recently, you’re not alone. Many homeowners put off work until something goes wrong, but anyone facing a major repair and a big cost can tell you that it’s not the best decision to make. Trust the best in the business for your maintenance, check-ups, or major projects. Contact our team at Quinn’s Construction today to ensure your roof is nothing but safe and secure. Reach out to our team today by calling us at (978) 957-1200 or by filling out our online contact form! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your roof replacement needs!

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