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    Commercial Roofing Trends for 2016

    Commercial Roofing Trends for 2016

    Stay Tuned for More of The Latest Commercial Roofing Trends for 2016:

    1. Sustainable Roofs: roofs to meet energy efficiency requirements
    2. New products have been created, such as lower VOC adhesives, primers and sealants, self-adhering membranes and a wider variety of reflective membranes.
    3. Commercial roofing has become increasingly more systems-driven requiring further education aimed at architects, roofing consultants and contractors about selecting and installing the right system including underlayment, insulation, weather resistant barriers, flashing and tapes, adhesives and coatings.
    4. Atlas Roofing, Building Products of Canada, CertainTeed Corporation, Genflex Roofing Sytems, Roofscapes Inc., and Weston Solutions Inc. are some of the key companies dominating the commercial roofing market.
    Andy Maus
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