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    Benefits of Installing A Portico

    Benefits of Installing A Portico

    Need an exterior remodeling project that can dramatically upgrade any home’s curb appeal? A portico is a very popular way to go! This article briefly delves into the different benefits of installing a portico on your home, including the fantastic return on investment it provides!


    Classic & Stylish Beauty

    Arguably the most common reason homeowners decide to install a portico is for aesthetics – from classical Greco-Roman, French, Victorian, & Colonial architectural styles to modern porticos that involve more personalization via molding, embellishments, etc. Today a homeowner can construct an enclosed portico or build one for their balcony, garage, or driveway. As Ann Wilson, writing for Better Homes & Gardens put it in an article about excellent portico ideas: “A portico adds dimension to a flat facade, highlights a home’s entry point, and improves a home’s overall curb appeal.”


    Increasing Home Value

    While a portico isn’t going to make or break curb appeal all by itself, data from research over the last decade points to about a 6% increase in home resale value. Pair a portico with a gorgeous doorway, leading to a decorative walkway, and everytime people approach the property it has quite the impact! So, in a sense, a portico can actually become somewhat of a centerpiece that creates balance for your home’s exterior. 

    Extra Weather Protection 

    In terms of functionality, a portico is designed to provide extra lighting and protection from the weather to those arriving as well as those preparing to leave (not to mention for delivered packages). Instead of waiting in the rain, heavy wind or snow for someone to answer the door, visitors can get out of the elements. Let’s not forget they also provide a buffer zone between the dirt and mud and the inside of the home. Porticos are a great place to have people put their shoes before coming in. 

    Great ROI

    Costs can vary widely, but when it comes to getting the most bang for your resale buck in remodeling projects, installing a portico is right alongside other titans like new fireplaces, detached garage builds, kitchen remodels, attic-to-bedroom conversions, and replacing exterior siding or cladding. Dormers and new carports are similar as well for obvious reasons, but the facts are there – installing a portico provides great returns with minimal upkeep required.

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    Simply put, when thought out and executed with precision, portico installations on your home are a great remodeling project to increase curb appeal, resale value ROI, and the functionality of your home’s doorways. Our team at Quinn’s Construction is happy to be able to offer our portico installation services to homeowners in need! If you’re interested in installing a portico on your home, our team at Quinn’s is ready to assist! Reach out to our team today by calling us at (978) 957-1200 or by filling out our team’s online contact form! We look forward to hearing from you and assisting with your portico installation needs!

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