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    Benefits of Cedar Wood Siding

    Cedar Wood Siding

    Benefits of Cedar Wood Siding

    When it comes to siding, there are so many options it can be hard to decide what you should install. Should you choose to install the classic of the North American siding industry, vinyl siding? Or perhaps you should opt for a newer option that has been gaining in popularity, James Hardie’s Fiber Cement? However, some homeowners prefer a more rustic, natural option for their home’s siding. For these homeowners, cedar wood siding can offer protection for their home’s exterior, in addition to providing a beautiful, natural looking exterior. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of cedar wood siding, keep reading to learn more!

    Curb Appeal & Aesthetics

    One of the primary reasons that homeowners choose to install cedar wood siding on their homes is for the aesthetic benefits that it provides. Cedar wood siding looks fantastic, providing your home with a rustic, natural looking exterior. It has been used as a siding material for centuries, which will help provide your home with a historic feel and truly help your home stand out on the street. Furthermore, cedar wood siding can be painted, although most homeowners who choose to install cedar siding prefer to apply a clear finish and keep the natural look of the wooden siding. Cedar wood siding is naturally available in red or white, and the shingles can have a variety of texture styles, ensuring that you can find the perfect shingle for your home’s exterior.

    Longevity & Durability

    While most homeowners would assume that wooden siding wouldn’t be able to withstand the constant barrage of the elements, particularly those harsh New England winters, cedar wood is quite durable for a natural siding material. Cedar has a natural resistance to rot, fungus, bacteria, and moisture, making it the perfect option for keeping your home protected, which is why it has been used to protect home’s for years before the evolution of the modern siding industry. Applying a finish on your shingles can make them even more durable. As long as you take care to clean your siding a couple of times a year, checking for moisture or wood destroying insects, your siding will keep your home protected for years.

    Environmentally Friendly

    When it comes to environmentally friendly siding materials, homeowners would assume that using wood as your siding material wouldn’t be a sustainable, healthy choice. However, that is quite the opposite, as long as the wood used is sustainably sourced. However, in comparison to vinyl siding, which requires the use of petroleum products to manufacture, cedar wood siding is quite environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in installing a siding material that won’t contribute much to your home’s carbon footprint, cedar wood siding is a fantastic option.

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