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    A Guide To The Different Styles of Windows

    Different Window Styles

    A Guide To The Different Styles of Windows

    When it comes to replacing your home’s windows, the possibilities are endless. There are an enormous amount of window styles to choose from, and each window often works best in specific parts of the home. If you’re interested in learning more about the varying styles of windows and where best to install them, keep reading below for more information!


    The most popular style of replacement window, double-hungs are an industry classic that offer a fantastic mix of functionality and aesthetics. Most homeowners love the look of double-hung windows, and they are available in nearly any material and color. Furthermore, double-hung windows are fantastic for ventilation, as each sash can be operated independently in order to maximize ventilation!


    Another popular style of window, casements, are incredibly easy to use. Operated via a crank, rather than sashes, casement windows can be opened in hard to reach places, such as over the kitchen sink, or behind the couch. If you’re interested in installing a window style that is easy to use, casements are a fantastic option!


    A very similar style to casements, awning windows are also operated via a crank system. However, while casements open horizontally outwards, awning windows open vertically. This makes them a great option to help keep your home ventilated during rainstorms. Consider installing awnings in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere else that you might want ventilation, even during inclement weather.


    A less popular, but still widely installed, window option is picture windows. These large panes of glass are inoperable; they simply exist to provide your home with natural light. Best left to rooms where ventilation isn’t a priority, picture windows are fantastic for providing a space with light and aesthetic appeal, but if you need fresh air within a room, they are not the best option. They are best relegated to hallways or rooms with plenty of other operable windows.


    Finally, we have arrived at slider windows. This particular style peaked in popularity a few decades ago, but it has held niche popularity within the home remodeling industry due to a couple of factors, namely ease of use. Slider windows are extremely easy to operate, making them a great option for tough to reach places like casements. However, one important thing to note about sliders is that because they are so easy to operate, they can be a hazard in rooms with small children. Be sure to keep that in mind when choosing where to install windows, as they can be dangerous in the wrong circumstances!

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