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    VELUX Skylight

    Every year homeowners are always looking to have a skylight installed to their home as it provides lighting, ventilation, and views which can add more value to your home. And when it comes to quality, durability, and beauty, there are no manufacturers quite like VELUX, and our team at Quinn’s Construction can’t be any prouder as their partner of many years. VELUX has dominated its industry for over 75 years, yes, 75 years, and there’s no surprise why they are regarded as the number 1 go-to homeowners choice for roof windows! Still, need convincing? Here are the top benefits of adding a skylight to your home.

    1. Natural Light. One of the primary benefit and the purpose of having roof skylights is to allow more natural skylight enter your home. A skylight help balance the light in the room, reducing glare and transforming living areas in more open, safe spaces.

    2. Energy Efficiency. Using skylights will not only look beautiful in your room but also reduces energy costs by cutting the time of unsustainable power all year round.

    3. Save Money. Installing a skylight will prevent any unwanted summertime solar heat gain and wintertime heat loss which in the long run save you money through lower energy bills all year round.

    We have installed many skylights to our happy client’s homes for many years. Just take a look at the recent project we did for our happy client!